From: Nicholas J. Yasillo

Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2005 8:38 AM

To: "Max Lumens"

Subject: RE: HIR bulbs


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Hi Max,


Thanks for the fast shipping of the 9011 bulbs.  They arrived on

Saturday and I installed them late last night (Monday).  Since I'm an

engineer, I couldn't just install the bulbs and then make a

subjective judgement of their effectiveness.  Just had to make some

objective measurements.


I have access to a lab-grade, calibrated foot-candle meter which is

optimized for incandescent lamps, so I set up a simple test

arrangement to get "before and after" numbers.


The test vehicle was my 2005 Subaru Legacy GT which came equipped

with 9005 high beam bulbs.  The OEM bulbs delivered with the car were

Sylvania 9005s and had less than 3 hours of total use on them.

Envelopes were perfectly clear with no discoloration or visible metal



The center tab of the 9011 bulbs was modified as per instructions to

allow mounting in the 9005 sockets.  All measurements were made with

the engine running at idle and the cooling fan off.  Voltage was

measured at the battery and was between 13.98V. and 14.06V. for all



A calibrated Weston Model 514 Foot-candle Meter using a 37mm dia.

silicon photo cell was set up on the central axis of the high beam

reflector 96 inches from the left headlight outer lens and 21 inches

above floor level.  Lamps were on for 5 minutes before each



Intensity readings were taken of:

Low-beam only

OEM 9005 high-beam only

Combined low+9005 high

9011 High beam only

Combined low+ 9011 high

The meter was not moved between measurements.


Light intensity readings:


Low beam only = 248 fC (projector lamp, light is concentrated) 9005 high beam only = 122 fC combined low+9005 = 370 fC 9011 high beam only = 212 fC combined low+9011 = 460 fC repeat low beam only = 248 fC


This is only a "spot" measurement taken at the center of the

high-beam pattern, but clearly there is a dramatic improvement in the

light intensity;

The high beam center axis intensity has increased by 73 % (212 fC/122 fC) and the combined intensity has increased by 24 % (460 fC/370 fC).


I did take the vehicle out for a short test drive on some very dark

roads. Subjective differences noted were that the 9011 high beam

pattern seems to be slightly more "peaked" in the center than is the

case with the 9005 bulbs, but this is actually an advantage and gives

a nice "long-range driving light effect" to the high beams.  I also

noticed that a reflective stop sign that previously was just barely

visible at a 1800 ft. distance with the OEM high-beams, was now

bright and much more apparent.  These lamps are definitely a major

improvement over the OEM 9005 bulbs.


I've attached a few photos of the test set-up and some shots of the

foot-candle meter measurements.


Hope this info is helpful.  Thanks for making these bulbs available.




Nick Yasillo